An Exclusive Workshop,

Test & Tap

...coming to L.A.!!

Sat., Dec. 1, 2018

21st Century Technology for

Rapid Transformation

- Ever feel blocked & don't know what to do about it?

-Can't seem to achieve the next level fast enough?

-Want to breakthrough fears quickly?

    What's Possible With Test & Tap®?

    Imagine having the tools to eliminate what has been keeping you stuck in under an hour.

    Imagine knowing what you need to know, when you need to know it?

    And, imagine having INSTANT ACCESS to your Soul's Wisdom!

    Is that even possible?  If it were, what might be possible for you?

    Test & Tap® combines two proven technologies into one powerful system for deep, rapid and sustainable change.

    Rapid Transformation is a common occurrence using the Test & Tap ® Method.

    Why? Innate Intelligence knows what your mind can never know. Test & Tap
    ® is not only a technology to help you pinpoint and eliminate unconscious blocks and beliefs with precision, it's also an instant way to DIRECTLY ACCESS your Soul's Intelligence for a 2-way communication. Just think of  Test & Tap ® as a SEARCH ENGINE TO THE SOUL!

    Test & Tap ® - The Science of Communicating with the Soul

    Registration is Now Open! 

    Limited Seating


    Your trust is very important to us. We never share or sell your info to anyone.

    "Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate".    - Carl Jung

    What Are You Ready For?

    - Inner Peace

    - Clarity and Direction

    - Breakthrough Fears

    - Authentic Happiness

    - Clear, Confident Decisions

    - Intuition on Demand

    - Purpose and Fulfillment 

    - Love and Connection

    - Focus instead of distraction

    - The next level in some area of your life

    - Self-Confidence and Self-Expression

    - Energy and Inspiration

    Do You Have Unconscious

    Blocks & Beliefs?

    If you say yes to one or more of the following questions, unconscious sabotage could be occurring in your life. 

    Do you feel stuck and like you can’t move forward?

    Does nothing work no matter what you do?

    Do you find yourself sabotaging your best intentions and goals, or even yourself?

    Do you ignore intuitive hunches, only to regret it later? 

    Do you wonder if that thought was your intuition or just your imagination?

    Do you do the opposite of your goal or intentions? For example, do you set out to lose 10 lbs. but gain weight instead?!

    You Will Learn How To:

    - Instantly access & create a two-way communication with your Soul. 

    - Precisely pinpoint what’s blocking your goal or desire.

    - Easily and quickly clear conscious & unconscious blocks.

    - Activate your desired reality & outcomes.

    - Eradicate self-sabotage before it happens!

    - Shift your negative thoughts and fears in just minutes or seconds.

    What Are Ready To Leave Behind?

    ·      Craving approval

    ·      Self-doubt

    ·      Indecision

    ·      Fear & Confusion

    ·      Putting everyone else first

    ·      Feeling Stuck

    ·      Procrastination

    ·      Something else?

    What You’ll Get:

    ·      Step-by-step Instructions

    ·      An expert facilitator with 30 years of experience

    ·      A safe and supportive environment for learning & transformation

    Is Test & Tap® Right For You?
    If any of the below resonates with you Test & Tap® is a great solution. 

    ·      Your next level isn’t happening fast enough

    ·      You crave fulfillment and meaning

    ·      Your behaviors aren’t supporting your goals

    ·      You get stuck in "How is this going to happen?" and can't move forward

    ·      Something is blocking you, but you can’t quite put your finger on it

    ·      You lack a clear vision, or your vision is so big that you’re overwhelmed

    ·      You’re ready to unleash, honor & hone your intuition

    A Psychologist's Review:

    Dr. Sharon D. is a an Addiction Specialist and Marriage & Family Counselor.
    This is what she had to say at the end of a TEST & TAP™ Workshop:

    “I came all the way from California to Dallas, Texas to prove that Test & Tap™ was poppy-cock. I have to say that I’m amazed at what this technique can pinpoint! It tells you what’s really going

    on in the subconscious mind, rather than what you think is going on. After all, why fix the garbage disposal when it’s actually the dishwasher that’s leaking? TEST & TAP® tells you what the

    deeper issue really is. I’ve spent 30 years working on an issue that I addressed in the Test & Tap®  Workshop and I am so pleased with what I was able to transform! ”

    Sat., Dec. 1, 2018
    9 AM - 6 PM
    $149 per Person

    Lunch is provided
    Location in Hancock Park provided upon Registration.
    (A very limited number of seats in a home setting left!)


    Registration is Now Open! 

    Limited Seating


    Your trust is very important to us. We never share or sell your info to anyone.

    About Your Instructor and Test & Tap ® Creator:
    LaRue Eppler is the creator of the Test & Tap ® Method, Evolutionary Kinesiology (aka: Evo-K Method) and the co-author of Your Essential Whisper.

    A highly engaging and thought-provoking presenter, LaRue delights her audiences with unique life perspectives and unforgettable demonstrations inspiring listeners to live deeper, more joyful lives of meaning and purpose.

    Broke and suicidal, she found a way to rapidly heal herself and in the process, she came into her life's calling - helping others heal too. 

    LaRue has been a Transformational Coach for 29 years with clients spanning the globe.  She loves speaking, teaching, coaching, writing and creating.  If her life's calling wasn't helping others transform from the inside out, she would be an interior designer.

    Her favorite luxury? Sipping coffee & sharing great conversation with friends. And her favorite start to any day is sitting on the patio sipping a warm mug of scrumptious-ness while whispering gratitude to the Creator.

    Learn more about LaRue Eppler at:
    Learn more about Truth-Testing Here.